A brief history of photo booth

Do you know those automatic photo booths that are still present in many of our railway stations? Well, that’s what we’re talking about. The history of the photo booth begins in the ’20s, in New York. That’s where the photo booth began its adventure that spread around the entire globe and since then, well , who hasn’t enjoyed posing in a photo booth at least once, pulling silly faces, hugging or kissing, all the while hidden away from prying eyes of the rest of the world, behind the booth curtain! The advent of the digital age has also played its part in the story of the photo booth turning it into a application based around the use of a webcam and various innovative effects that can be applied to photos. However, once again it’s in the US that photo booths developed even further to become a form of entertainment and fun for the most diverse types of events from  birthday parties to wedding receptions. A space is set up for the booth, a selection of props are provided that are reminiscent of a vintage photo booth and that’s all that’s necessary! Everywhere and anywhere, be it at party, a wedding or any number of other types of  events, you can find guests queuing up to don unusual and bizarre ‘disguises’ aided by false moustaches, hats, spectacles and wigs, and -assisted by the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the social gathering – let go and enjoy the photo booth experience! Guests love to strike weird and amusing poses, make bizarre and extravagant gestures and expressions, play at being someone else or, reveal a little of their hidden inner selves while in front of the photo booth camera. In a relatively short period the fashion for photo booths has taken hold and so from traditional style passport-photo booths to small improvised photo booth ‘corners’ set up at event venues, this trend from across the ocean has arrived in Italy. And photo booths are destined to be a fashionable trend here in Italy too, the small and discrete photo booth ‘corners’ are simple to set up and offer a wonderful opportunity to capture fun and amusing photos with friends; the photo booth is a type of entertainment and absolute fun that everyone can, and will, enjoy; it’s the excuse we’re all waiting for to release our express our most extravagant and exuberant side, creating moments and memories that are fun, original and absolutely unforgettable.


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