• Walking Through Time: like the knights of the court!

    One of the wonderful aspects of our job is the opportunity for newness – new encounters, new places, new experiences – a blend of new stories, people, cultures and colors. Our latest new experience was visiting the majestic Castle Lancellotti, an ancient feudal residence, now one of the most beautiful historical residences in the Campania region. (more…)

  • Our funny brochure!

    If anybody out there is interested in our new offers and services, here is  our funny brochure!

  • The Hotel Caruso Experience: there’s always a first time!

    On the 4th July, we inaugurated our first photobooth experience at the edge of one of the most beautiful pools on the Amalfi Coast, belonging to the Hotel Caruso, in Ravello. (more…)

  • Nature and Love

    Their love of nature, animals and the earth as a whole – bursting with life – meant that Mario and Pina couldn’t possibly have married anywhere other than at the breathtaking Le Trabe, a venue named after the river that crosses the Capodifiume Estate in Paestum on the Cilento coast. (more…)

  • Friendship, Love and Beautiful Surroundings

    My old friends, Rosario and Lella, chose the beautiful Villa Eliana as the venue for their wedding. (more…)

  • The Magic of Two Becoming One!

    The beautiful town of Sorrento is always a popular destination with tourists in search of sun, sea and an intriguing social life. (more…)

  • There’s no doubt about it … we never forget our roots!

    Their distant Italian origins, led the wonderful Italian-Australian couple Daniela and Allan to celebrate their wedding in the lovely garden of Villa Eva, in Ravello. (more…)

  • Planning a wedding in Italy? Hiring a photo booth is the coolest thing you can do

    Planning and conducting wedding preparations in Italy is not an easy task especially when time is limited. You have to print invitation cards, find a dressing code for the wedding and obviously buy a suitable wedding gown. As far as the venue is concerned, there are a range of necessities ranging from the wedding ground itself, tables, chairs, decorations and the flowers among many other things.However, besides the normal necessities and the commonly known ways of having fun, one should always look for something unique to make the wedding shine. A photo booth is one of the coolest things you can add for your wedding photos. (more…)

  • Photo booth Italy: an ingredient of fun for unforgettable occasions

    Photo booth service in Italy is an integral ingredient of family-and-friends occasions like weddings, outings, adventures, et cetera. Photo booth service is offered by a friendly and professional expert booth operator. All the shots captured are immediately provided with the client given the privilege of choosing various standard backdrops and props. If the photo booth service will take four hours, two very amiable professional expert booth operators will be available to immortalize the event in beautiful photos. (more…)

  • Unique photo booth services in Italy provided by Funny Click

    Most couples always want their wedding events to be the most memorable and which they can treasure for a lifetime. It is because of this that a number of couples think of organizing their wedding ceremonies abroad. One contribution of this is the special wedding photographs that are taken on the day. If you are planning to have a wedding ceremony and are thinking about organizing it abroad, then you should consider having it take place in Italy: Italian photographers offer some of the best services with some of the fun and trending styles such as Funny Click – photo booth Italy. (more…)