• Why we think you should book a Photo Booth!

    Photo Booths have become a widespread trend throughout many parts of the world, and they have all the perfect characteristics for a popular form of additional entertainment, suitable for any wedding or special event, even here in Italy. That – in our opinion – is why you should book a Photo Booth! (more…)

  • A brief history of photo booth

    Do you know those automatic photo booths that are still present in many of our railway stations? Well, that’s what we’re talking about. The history of the photo booth begins in the ’20s, in New York. That’s where the photo booth began its adventure that spread around the entire globe and since then, well , who hasn’t enjoyed posing in a photo booth at least once, pulling silly faces, hugging or kissing, all the while hidden away from prying eyes of the rest of the world, behind the booth curtain! (more…)

  • Wondering how a photo booth will be of benefit to you? Well, here is the reason

    Do you love fun? Do you need funny photos? If by any chance you are planning a wedding in Italy and you like having fun, then wedding photo booth is your ultimate solution. (more…)

  • Funny Click: about us

    Our  project was born from a funky makeover of the classic photo booth. ‘Make a memory, take a memory’ perfectly defines our inspiration: the unique and unmissable chance to create a one-of-its-kind memory for yourself, and to leave for others. Wedding receptions, graduation parties, birthdays, anniversaries and all celebrations of unique moments that we want to remember, along with memories of the people who celebrate them with us. Isn’t that why cameras and videocameras are must-haves for such events? Well, Funny Click has created a way of achieving the same aim, but in an extravagant, fun-packed and completely innovative way. (more…)