Funny Click: about us

Our  project was born from a funky makeover of the classic photo booth. ‘Make a memory, take a memory’ perfectly defines our inspiration: the unique and unmissable chance to create a one-of-its-kind memory for yourself, and to leave for others. Wedding receptions, graduation parties, birthdays, anniversaries and all celebrations of unique moments that we want to remember, along with memories of the people who celebrate them with us. Isn’t that why cameras and videocameras are must-haves for such events? Well, Funny Click has created a way of achieving the same aim, but in an extravagant, fun-packed and completely innovative way. Although photo booths are already a trend in the US and the UK, they’re little-known here in Italy. Not surprisingly, when you talk about photo booths here in Italy, most people’s faces take a on a bemused expression as if to say ‘What…???’. And yet, that’s how all of this began! A while ago, a friend – a professional photographer – began this whole process by saying ‘I’ve been asked for a photo booth!’ and the immediate general reaction was, pretty much, one of bemusement. From there, smartphones in hand, we began researching photo booths online. And it was love at first sight! It’s absolutely impossible not to get caught up in  the spirit of fun and enterprise that photo booth images inspire. You get the immediate urge to give it a go, imagining yourself decked out in curly moustaches, outrageous glasses and amusing hair, striking a pose.  We instantly knew that photo booths were a new type of entertainment suited to absolutely any type of event. Imagine a wedding; your wedding; while you’re busy having photos taken, welcoming and chatting with some of your guests , there will be those people who – at the idea of being captured for posterity at the end of the evening – prefer to be more actively involved, to be one of the stars of your event and to make sure they’re one of your memories of your wedding day. Trying on a funny and quirky disguise, and striking more unusual poses, bringing out the most amusingly ‘self-deprecating’ aspects of their personality is an opportunity that your guests are waiting for, to celebrate themselves, their presence at your wedding, their sincere and heartfelt closeness to you. Moreover, the freedom to be deliberately funny or silly is a rare, even unique, opportunity, and one that’s secretly coveted by every single one of us …

Funny Click is this, and much more besides. Just a light, and portable, structure with decidedly funky backdrops, a suitcase of retro-styled accessories, a digital cameras attached to a small printer and our memory-making corner takes life. We also offer a selection of themed settings, designed and created by us, as well as the option to create new, themed settings on request, personalized to your tastes and your ideas. There is an infinite variety of possible themes; you can recreate scenes and backdrops from the widest variety of film, music or animation sources, or simply create romantic and enchanting ambiences. To ensure greater creative freedom, and enable us to satisfy the very many aspects of personal taste and preferences, we adapted the classic passport-photo booth into a more personalized and event-friendly, hand-crafted version. We won’t arrive at your event with a cabin-style booth to set up, just with those elements  necessary to set up an elegant and discreet mini-photo shoot, complete with a professional photographer, who will be entrusted with taking the shots to guarantee consistently high quality final results.

Funny Click is more than just a collection of photographs. It is the quality of an image. The spontaneity of a pose. The originality of the entertainment. The elegance of style. The pleasure of participation. The authenticity of an unexpected moment. The creation of a memory. Yours.

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