The Photo Booth has arrived in Italy! How to set up a photo booth: little effort, lots of creativity

Imagination is the only real key ingredient to setting up a photo booth ‘corner’. Follow your inspiration: what atmosphere or ambience do you wish to create? Here in Italy, true to our dearest inclinations towards all things funky and retro, we at Funny Click have created a series of mini-settings with multi-coloured backdrops and extravagant props, to choose from so that you can personalise your photo booth can better reflect the style or theme of your wedding or event. However, we believe that a key ingredient to making the photo booth experience a successful one is our respect for the tastes and style preferences of our clients, and so we also offer the opportunity to request specific thematic settings, which we create especially for you. So, if, for your wedding in Italy , you’d like your photo booth ‘corner’ to recreate a scene from your favourite movie or to resemble a preferred era or place, or even to remind you of a song you love…well, with just a few simple elements, we can make your wishes a reality!

All you need to do is:

identify the space where we can set-up your photo booth – consisting of a  minimal structure, a little table arranged with props, a camera mounted on a tripod and connected to a small printer, a mini screen on which to view the pictures take and some lights ;

then, imagine your photo booth as a type of photographic-set or stage, inspired by your chosen theme with wallpapers, wigs, spectacles, moustaches , hats, photo frames and themed gadget. These simple but effective elements ensure that your photo booth is a fabulously fun experience that produces unforgettable memories.  The use of props and disguises allow even the most timid and reserved people to enjoy themselves  and gives them the freedom to experiment with amusing and bizarre behaviour;

last but not least, the constant on-hand presence of an expert photographer , who can to suggest poses or, even just identify the best exposure and composition conditions, helps to ensure that the photo booth works correctly, that everything goes smoothly and that the end results are always of a high quality.

We at Funny Click are here. Our photo booth is ready. Grab a props and strike a pose: the rest is up to you!

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