Walking Through Time: like the knights of the court!

One of the wonderful aspects of our job is the opportunity for newness – new encounters, new places, new experiences – a blend of new stories, people, cultures and colors. Our latest new experience was visiting the majestic Castle Lancellotti, an ancient feudal residence, now one of the most beautiful historical residences in the Campania region. As the massive wooden door opened, as I was still looking upwards towards the sky, I found myself in a large central courtyard, surrounded by the chatter and fleeting gestures and tasks of the staff going about their work. I imagined how that same courtyard must have been in medieval times, helped by the presence of ladies dressed in period clothing, mystically immersed in the rehearsal of an ancient and noble dance.  It was here that Anna and Felice decided to celebrate their wedding on the 19th July. The courtyard played host to the greetings and hugs of old acquaintances and new friends, meeting for the first time. The elegant wedding banquet was served in the equally-enchanting second inner courtyard. We assembled our set in the space by the museum, and while I was organising lights, tables, objects and accessories, all I had to do was lift my gaze to become lost along the castle walls…and my imagination took flight!

our Photo Booth setting!

our Photo Booth setting!




…and props!!

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