Why we think you should book a Photo Booth!

Photo Booths have become a widespread trend throughout many parts of the world, and they have all the perfect characteristics for a popular form of additional entertainment, suitable for any wedding or special event, even here in Italy. That – in our opinion – is why you should book a Photo Booth!

However, just in case you need some extra incentives:

A Photo Booth…

1 . …is a unique and original way to entertain your guests: how your guests experience your wedding or event is an important contributing factor in imbuing the atmosphere of your celebrations with positive vibes. A photo booth can be a great way to trigger a spark of fun; it’s a fun activity for guests to be involved in, in fact, it’s a great way to ensure your guests participate in your event and for them to feel as if they are involved; for those guests who want to take a break from eating, or dancing or a photo booth offers a wonderful alternative activity; and a photo booth can be a great way to break the ice between guest who hardly know each other or have never met before!

2 . …creates a memory for everyone: if it’s your wedding or celebration you will be the centre of attention and with the cameras trained on you! A photo booth is an ideal opportunity for your guests to be caught – or let themselves be caught – in fun and unusual shots that will forever preserve the memory of their presence at your event; that’s why a photo booth offers the opportunity for instant photo in formats reminiscent of the photo strips produced by old-style photo booths…a unique and original souvenir for your guests to take away from your event along with their memories!

3 . …is absolutely original: while planning your celebration and visiting event and wedding planning websites it’s easy to see the widespread popularity that photo booths are having. However the risk f it becoming  clichéd addition to an event is still very, very far away! Also, as your family and friends are unlikely to regularly frequent weddings and other events and so will probably find the photo booth at your event a delicious, fun and absolutely original idea!

4 . …is a unique experience: one where, even if your family and friends have already experienced a photo booth, they certainly won’t have experienced yourphoto booth!  The atmosphere at any given wedding or celebration is completely different and unique to that event, in that location and on that day. Factors like the time of day and the amount people have drunk can also have a big impact on the photos captured, but even just the fact that the guest list is different from one event to another ensures that any photo booth experience will be a unique experience for everyone!

5. …offers photos ready in an instant: the use of a special flash, together with high-quality professional digital cameras, and the on-hand presence of an experienced booth operator, means that there is absolutely no need for long periods of post-production, your shots are available immediately both printed and digitally. Additionally, by publishing the images, on social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest, you are able to share photos easily and quickly with all of your guests, your family and your friends, no matter where they are in the world!

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